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Community Pets

Each week, we receive dozens of requests for help surrendering or rehoming pets. Unfortunately, we are limited on how many pets we can rescue. When we are at capacity, we help families and other rescues by sharing photos and information about the pet in need. We believe it’s the least we can do, and it works!

We want the pets in our rescue to find homes too, so be sure to check them out! But we know that once they have reached our doors, they are safe and have a place to stay. Pets in the community face much more uncertain outcomes!

Located in Raleigh, NC

Rescue Remmington!

Hi, I’m Remmington! I’m 5 years old and weigh about 70 lbs. I’m up to date on all vaccines and boosters. I’m a good boy, but I have been mean to my brother. So I’m looking for a home that can continue the training I have received. Please pick me!

I Like…

  • HUGS! I give nudges on your hand or arm
  • Chasing small wildlife (but I promise I won’t go anywhere without you by my side)
  • Occasional treats, like carrots!
  • Begging for food. Psst…I won’t take it off your plate, but I’d highly recommend not leaving it out
  • TOYS!!
  • I love fetch. Not really much of a tug-of-war kinda guy though
  • Snuggles when you’re down, and being your favorite silly playmate when you’re up!
  • Places with room to run and play

I Don’t Like…

  • SMALL DOGS! I really don’t like them. They give me the creeps…
  • When someone tries to take my food or toys. Or a toy I didn’t even know I wanted ’til you took it. I need a good trainer to help me out.
  • When you leave me… I have separation anxiety. I take two pills a day to help me out
  • Small children under 8 years old. Sometimes I forget they’re baby humans and not baby dogs. I get a little overexcited and nip like a puppy

He’ll have your back no matter what. Through the ups and downs never have I ever been scared by him nor will I ever. He just truly needs a home that can support his needs and wants!

From Remmington’s Family

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At our nonprofit, you will find a system of volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of people and pets in our communities!


Our office is open by appointment only. We service all of North Carolina and are mobile unless an appointment is scheduled at the office.
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